MLK Weekend 2017 - Infinity Takes Over!

Infinity Volleyball Academy showcases 17 teams over the MLK Weekend.

With 4 boys teams in Chicago, 1 boys team in Rochester, and 12 girls teams playing in Lancaster, the club got some great exposure…and great results. See below for a re-cap of how each age group did across the club.

On the boys side, our teams competed in the Open divisions of USA Volleyball. On the girls side, our teams competed across 2 divisions. 12U and 13U are just one division, and not separated by levels of play yet. For 14’s to 18’s, our blue teams + 14 Black competed in the Open divisions, and our black teams competed in the National division. At the MLK, there were three divisions; Open, National, and American.

18’s and 12’s

From the oldest to the youngest, our Infinity teams took to the courts to prove their mettle vs their peers and competition.

Boys 18 Blue

The windy city provided the hospitality for our 18 Blue team this past weekend, and saw them depart with a top 1/2 finish against some of the best teams in the country in the 18 Open division. The tournament started out with a few losses to teams from Great Lakes and North Texas regions, before they rattled off 7 straight victories against some of the Mid-Wests top teams. These included 3 set victories against Sports Performance, High Performance St. Louis, and Pipeline. Unfortunately, they lost a final match dogfight in 3 vs Annapolis Volleyball Club by the scores of 32-30, 20-25, and 9-15. All in all, a solid showing for these young men.

Girls 18 Blue

Our 18 Blue team started out the weekend with a tough 3 set victory vs All Stars, and were able to finish day 1 with a 2-1 record. They picked up a 2 set victory vs Ballyhoo to stay in the top half of the brackets. This team of gamers took their strong defense and fearless attitudes into day 2, where they finished up 1-2, losing a match to 3rd place finisher Club Integrity, before finishing with a nice victory over Baltimore Elite. Monday playoffs would prove their day to shine, and they came out and thumped East Coast Crush in 2, before dispatching Delaware United and getting revenge on WACO Juniors, who had beaten them on Saturday. In the end, they tasted gold, winning the silver bracket of 18 Open, earning themselves a 10th place finish out of 32 teams. Way to go 18 Blue!

Girls 12 Blue

If you are going to start out tournament season, you might as well start it out with a resounding “BOOM!” That is exactly what our 12 Blue team did in York this past weekend. They came out firing, winning six matches in their first tournament together, before finally losing their first match…in the finals of the Gold Bracket! Along the way, they dispatched of All Starrs and NYC Juniors, our neighbor GPS Crush, and our ETHOS partner TCA. After quite a display of phenomenal play, NYC Juniors got revenge in the gold medal match. A second place finish to start the season strong. Way to go girls!


Plenty of moments to be proud of watching this young age group learn and play the game the right way.

Girls 13 Blue

What a difference a year makes. Seeing the growth and development of these athletes from 12’s last year was inspiring. They started off the tournament with a tough 3 set victory over Delaware United. After that, it was 3 wins in a row, all in 2 sets against Legacy from NY, Club Integrity, and another team from Delaware United. They capped off a great weekend by beating a tough Liberty Belles team in playoffs, before losing to eventual tournament champions Renaissance. When the dust settled, they came away with a 5th place finish out of 35 teams. Great start girls!

Girls 13 Black

If you look up “cute” in the dictionary, this entire team shows up. This group is all smiles, hair ribbons, cuteness, and energy…and it is paying off. Seeing their development from the first practice, to their first tournament, is unbelievable. There was improvement each match, culminating in their first victory over Synergy late Saturday afternoon. Although the best moment came late Saturday night, when the team stormed the court when the score reached 25-24, thinking they had won! There are so many new players to club volleyball, they didn’t know you needed to win by 2! Like I said, too cute. Looking forward to watching this team develop and grow!!


Boys 14 Blue

Well, well, well…all we had to do was send this team to frigid Rochester, NY to pick up their first victory of the season. The competition was fierce as the boys headed in to compete against some strong teams from NY, PA and Canada. This young 14’s team, with some players only 11 or 12 years old, secured victories in their first two matches vs LVC and Sporting Albany, both from NY. This in turn put them with the big boys in the higher brackets on day 2. It was a great weekend watching the boys develop and get some victories under their belt, all while coming away with a 12th place finish out of 20 teams. Let’s go boys!

Girls 14 Blue

A great start to the MLK Kickoff Classic by our 14 Blue team put them in contention with the best in 14 Open. They opened up with victories against EC Power, NYC Juniors, and KW Predators. Day 2 saw them fight in all 3 set matches, coming up short vs Nook Volleyball Academy, AVA, and Club Integrity. All of the scores were close, and this team will definitely find ways to wins these games as they continue to grow. They fought a very good NYC Juniors team in the playoffs, losing in three and earning a 13th place finish out of 32 teams. Great start girls!

Girls 14 Black

OK, if our 13 Blue team is the definition of cute, this team gets the goofy award. They are quite the characters, and if we could show you the evidence, you’d see why. From Jordyn playing floor sweeper, to Gabby displaying her wall climbing abilities, this team does not lack in entertainment. While the tournament started out rough, with them dropping their first 5 matches, they definitely started playing better, and finished strong. Their last 3 matches, they ended up 2-1, with the one loss by the score of 30-28, 23-25, and 13-15! Headed in the right direction, and this team will continue to improve as they prepare for Pittsburgh!


Boys 15 Blue

The 15 Blue team came storming into Chicago looking to make a statement. And after a long fought weekend, they should be proud of the results. They started out the tournament going 2-1 , with victories over Milwaukee Volleyball Club and Southwest Volleyball from Wisconsin, with the 1 loss coming against top 4 finisher Chicago Bounce. They continued to fight, going 1-3 in their final matches, with 2 of the losses coming in 3 sets, and one a close 16-18 loss! Both of these 3 set losses were to top 10 finishers in the tournament. The boys finished up 15th out of 38 teams, an impressive showing!

Girls 15 Blue

15 Blue got off to a hot start at the MLK Kickoff Classic, rattling off 5 victories in a row. They brushed aside Sparks, NV Premier, Delaware United, and neighbor GPS Crush in straight sets, with some dominating performances vs NV Premier and GPS Crush. Still playing well, they found themselves finishing up 1-2, losing 2 close matches vs Delaware Juniors and Renaissance. In the end, they walked away with a 4th place finish out of 31, ending in the gold bracket of 15 Open. Awesome job 15 Blue!

Girls 15 Black

With 15 Blue getting off to a hot start, Coach Zig and the crew at 15 Black wanted to get in on the action also. 15 Black won its first 5 matches, before losing its first match to Downstate. In the process, they ran through East Coast Crush, AVVC, NY Blast, and Columbia. After a convincing bounce back victory vs Sportime, they lost to a strong Revolution team, who eventually went on to win the 15 National division. 15 Black finished with a fantastic 5th place out of 36, in the gold bracket of 15 National.


Boys 16 Blue

The Infinity Volleyball Academy Boys 16 Blue team put up some very good fights vs some of the best the country…and continent, has to offer. They started off with victories vs Cyclones and Chicago Bounce of the Great Lakes region before dropping their first match vs Long Island VBC. They opened up day 2 facing one of the best boys clubs on the continent, Borinquen Coqui from Puerto Rico. The boys fought hard in the 2 set loss to Borinquen, as well as some very close losses to Club 1 and Uno of the Great Lakes region. Facing the level of competition they faced will serve them well coming home as they compete locally. They finished in 29th place out of 62 in 16 Open. Nice job fellas!

Girls 16 Blue

Facing some of the best the MLK tournament could throw at them, 16 Blue fought and competed in every set this past weekend. The record does not show how well this team played, only finishing up 1-6. But all of those losses were close, including a hard fought battle vs eventual winner Revolution. With other close matches vs Downstate, Delaware United, Ballyhoo, and Sportime, they are on the cusp of breaking through and winning these matches in the near future. All in all, a very respectable 21st place finish out of 46 teams in 16 Open. Charge on 16 Blue!

Girls 16 Black

At times, I feel like 16 Black is the step-sister of 14 Black. This group is full of characters, and you can just see how much they enjoy each other, and even their crazy, energetic coach. This group started off winning 2 our of 3, beating Shockwave and Prevail, with their only loss Saturday coming to Virginia Fusion in a close 3 setter. After dropping a tough 3 set loss to the GPS Crush 1st team, they fell short vs Academy from Long Island and CAVE. They finished up playoffs Monday with a gritty performance vs Legacy, coming up short by the scores of 11-25, 25-16, 10-15. 16 Black wrapped up in 19th place out of 40. Keep working for each other 16 Black!


Boys 17 Blue

The Infinity Boys 17 Blue team opened up the Chicago weekend with a grueling 28-30, 23-25 loss to Wisconsin Volleyball Academy. After a hard fought first match, they were able to finish up day 1 with a victory vs Ultimate from the Great Lakes region. Day 2 saw them knock off Indy Assault, before losing 2 matches in 3 sets, 1 to arch-rival Warren Sixpack. Playoff day started out with a convincing win vs Cinci Attack, before losing a close match vs Ultimate. They came away with a 47th place finish out of 60 teams in 17 Open.

Girls 17 Blue – “147”

17 Blue couldn’t wait to get tournament play started. This group has been drooling to get game-play in, and they started off with victories against CALI and Cherry Hill VBC. In a back and forth match vs Ballyhoo Saturday which they lost in 3, they ended up in a 3 way tie. They got their revenge vs Ballyhoo, winning the tie-break 15-13. Day 2 started off with a sluggish loss to Delaware United before they got their legs back to win the next two vs Central Penn VBC and Rival. This put them in the Gold pool play on Monday. With a tough pool ahead of them, they came out firing with a thumping of neighbor Synergy 25-11, 25-19, before facing Puerto Rican team REVA, who had not lost a set all weekend. In what may have been the best match of the tournament, 17 Blue came away with a 3 set victory, 18-25, 25-22, 15-12. It was a fist fight for an hour and a half. This put 17 Blue in the final four, where they dropped another close match to Sportime 22-25, 22-25. They finished up in 3rd place out of 40 teams, in the gold bracket of 17 Open. Great job 17 Blue!

Girls 17 Black

17 Black was not going to be outdone by 17 Blue, as they proved their abilities throughout the tournament. On day 1, they went 2-1 beating Prevail and Premier, but dropping a match to the eventual champion of 17 National, Academy. On day 2, they dispatched Pittsburgh Elite, ETHOS partner TCA, and Warren SixPack. Monday brought on playoffs, and Apple Valley became victim #6 with another convincing victory. Unfortunately, a rematch with Academy would have to wait, as Xtreme Xplosion beat them to it with a 3 set victory in playoffs, ending 17 Blacks run to the finals. 17 Black finished in 5th place out of 48 teams in the gold bracket of 17 National! Great work girls!

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